Beauty Spots - Creating Outdoor Living

by Keith Reins | Sept. 20, 2014


In The Peninsula, we’ve chosen to live close together, often with little space between homes.  Part of the fun of living here is seeing what people do to beautify these small spaces.  Two of these beauty spots are featured here with before and after photos.

John and Christina Sturtevant, 1270 Swisher Street, were faced with a steep and narrow space on the south side of their home.  After some planning they took on their terracing task as do-it-yourself project.  This was a weekend project, and with the help of some friends and 200 stones later, they have a beautifully landscaped space.

Plants on the terraces include hydrangea, roses, tall grasses and boxwood.  The Sturtevants also use the space for an herb garden with basil, rosemary and cilantro.




Kate Kane has lived in The Peninsula for three years.  She likes the closeness of the neighborhood which she describes as “friendly but not intrusive.”  Kate wanted a cozy outdoor spot with a degree of privacy; she also wanted to beautify the long space east of her home at 659 Walker Circle.  She contracted with Suburban Landscaping and is pleased with the results shown in the “after” picture. Not visible in the photo are the small trees to the south which provide some natural privacy without resorting to a privacy fence.


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ABOVE: the Sturtevants excavate their side yard in preparation for garden terraces in a DIY project

RIGHT: a bare yard is transformed into a cozy patio and outdoor retreat. Contracted through Jack Blong with Suburban Landscaping

Article: September 20, 2014

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