Body by Carrie, LLC

by Carrie Van Orden | Sep. 7, 2016

Article: September 7, 2016 | by Carrie Van Orden


A personal fitness studio has recently moved "up the hill" into the Peninsula Neighborhood, eager to offer a convenient opportunity to develop a fitness program designed especially for you. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer I will meet you where you are and together we will grow from there. The studio is a tried and true resource for the promotion of improved health, increased strength & overall a  "Carrie Friendly" active lifestyle.


With that being said, my name is Carrie Van Orden.  I have been working as a personal trainer & group fitness instructor consistently since 2009.  My first position held in the fitness industry was in a physical therapy clinic as a Matwork & Reformer Pilates instructor, allowing my base of training to be built with a large emphasis on core muscle strength.  In addition, for several years I worked for U of IA  Recreational Services as a personal trainer, spin, Pilates & group exercise instructor to 20+ regular attendees in any given class. To this day I am still working with some of the same clients that I started with partially due to my "safe and effective" "funny and encouraging"  training style.  Most of my clients are long term because I get them to a point where they actually enjoy working out. We build a base from our day 1 - feeling better, more confidence, "comfortable in our skin" wellness and an "I know I can" outlook on our journey together! My referrals come solely from word-of-mouth and I have a growing client base.  I am proud of the impact that I make, creating a positive influence as a motivating, passionate personal fitness trainer in our community. I love to make fitness fun & look forward to working in the Peninsula Neighborhood.


I am known to ask many questions, seeking  feedback during and after my training sessions due to my extreme energetic & heartfelt care for you! Client relationships  are a top priority for me!


My goal is to satisfy your fitness needs at an affordable level so it can be reflected in your daily life.


Currently, I am taking new clients on a first come first serve basis.  For more information, please contact me .


A few client testimonials from Summer 2016


"Carrie has been my personal trainer for 16 months and I absolutely love her! She has reengineered my body and given me confidence inside & out! I look forward to our session- she makes it so FUN! If you want a positive experience that is "me" time- she's your girl!"

*Jill Armstrong


"Carrie will not only transform your body, she will change the way you think about fitness. I was blown away by Carrie's knowledge and experience after my first Pilates class with her five years ago, and I've been working out with her ever since. Carrie creates safe and effective personalized workouts to help you reach your fitness goals, but her spirit and energy are what truly set her apart. Whether it's Pilates, spinning, or personal training, she motivates & challenges me every single workout. Carrie's dedication and positive energy are contagious and I look forward to every painful session"

*Kate Finlen






Contact the owner of Body by Carrie, LLC:

Carrie Van Orden:



Article: September 7, 2016 by Carrie Van Orden


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