Coffee Opening in the Peninsula

by Adam Pretorius | Sep. 30, 2016

A new coffee shop and restaurant is opening in the Peninsula Neighborhood on the corner commercial space of Emma Harvat Square. After months of planning and construction, The Dingo Bar will open October 22nd and feature a barista menu providing pastries and sandwiches during breakfast and lunch.



The restaurant is co-owned by Peninsula Neighborhood resident Adam Pretorius and Jessica Kinney, who met while completing the Executive MBA program at the University of Iowa. “We are excited—after doing projects as part of our graduate studies—to have this new neighborhood challenge to bring to life for the community,” says Pretorius. An involved resident of the Peninsula Neighborhood, Pretorius has long felt this is a needed service. Pretorius has been in real estate for eight years and also has five years of restaurant experience, bringing marketing acumen, knowledge of the community, and a commitment to the neighborhood to the little coffee shop on Walker Circle.


“Aspects of the coffee shop are still being developed,” explains co-owner Jessica Kinney, “but our biggest priority is that we open a place that brings community together, adds to the value of the neighborhood, and provides delicious beverages, sandwiches and great hospitality. We hope this will be a perfect place to gather and share with neighbors and friends.” Kinney is an Iowa City native who has resided in Chicago and Boston. Having worked for the chef-owned Barbara Lynch Restaurant Group in Boston for eight years, Kinney brings food industry experience and a unique approach to a small, community-oriented business. She lives with her five-year-old son, Charlie, and they are new residents to the Peninsula Neighborhood.


The Dingo Bar takes its name from the café in the neighborhood of Monparnasse, Paris, where Hemingway and Fitzgerald first were introduced in 1925. Along with coffee and some Parisian-inspired fare, a free library will be available within the coffee shop as an homage to the famous expatriates of the Lost Generation.


“We believe in developing quality relationships with our neighbors,” says Pretorius. The Dingo Bar will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily, and will complete the businesses located in the commercial space on the opposite end of the four-unit building housing Après Wine Bar & Bistro, Woofables, and adjacent to the recently announced new business, Body by Carrie.




 “He asked me why I liked this café and I told him about it in the old days and he began to try to like it too and we sat there, me liking it and he trying to like it, and he asked questions and told me about writers and publishers and agents and critics and George Horace Lorimer, and the gossip and economics of being a successful writer, and he was cynical and funny and very jolly and charming and endearing, even if you were careful about anyone becoming endearing.” – Ernest Hemingway on meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald at the Dingo Bar in Montparnasse, Paris, 1925--as related in A Moveable Feast



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Article: September 30, 2016 by Adam Pretorius

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