Town Planner Hired

PNA Announcement | Mar. 23, 2018

Welcome Jeff Davidson


The Board is proud to announce the hiring of Jeff Davidson as the Town Planner. Jeff has seasoned experience with the Peninsula Neighborhood covenants after working as the Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Iowa City for many years including the planning and beginning years of the development. He is replacing the past Town Architect hired by the developer as part of the transition phase of the developer exiting the subdivision.


As a reminder of the neighborhood covenants:

Projects such as (but not limited to) exterior modifications, paint color changes, storm door additions, fence additions, landscaping changes, gardens, home additions or new construction projects need approval from the Peninsula Neighborhood Architect Review Board (PNARB) before a project can begin to ensure compliance with the Peninsula Neighborhood Code. Homeowners must complete the three step process for submitting applications for review. A cover sheet with instructions on submitting an application can be found by clicking below.




Design Application Forms

Looking to do a project to your house in the Peninsula Neighborhood?

Make sure to get approval for

your design ahead of starting the project by clicking on

the "Design Application Forms"

button above

The Peninsula Neighborhood Association is an elected Board of five members who publishes announcements through the Property Manager

Article: March 23, 2018

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